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- somethings that inspire, motivate, and consistently share some of the best writing online. Love Systems - First, date, advice, Relationship Tips For Men. Blog, a twenty - something city girl talking about. Advice from a Twenty Something: Home The 20 Best Blogs For Women In Their Twenties - Smart Twenties The advice column for the modern girl. A San Francisco-based lifestyle blog. A list of the 20 best blogs for women in their twenties on personal development. She shares blogging and social media advice, frequently using her blog to teach and inspire confidence in bloggers. I write about the stuff no one ever wants to address or share. Shes also a Forbes contributor, an Instagram queen, and offers services for bloggers who want to make an income from blogging. Shes also an avid Passion Planner enthusiast and snail mail lover (just see the proof here on Instagram ). Yetti is also the founder of the Certified10 a movement dedicated to educating women on self-love and equipping them with the skills to manage their mental health and self-worth. In her spare time, youll find her training for her next marathon shes run seven already. By day, youll find her in Admissions helping college students excel and find the right path. They are all twenty-somethings who are following their dreams and figuring themselves out. People talk about hormones during puberty making teenagers super horny but what about us twenty-somethings who are horny and frustrated? Even though she writes about fitness primarily in NYC (and I dont live in NYC I stick around because her career path is so fascinating, (not to mention she is extremely motivating!).

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